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We have several changes in our family since we last posted anything on the blog.

I've redone the blog, and made it easier for us to post, and so hopefully we will be better about posting things.


Since the last post of July 2014, many things have happened.

  1. Our kids are growing so fast. The new header on the site show how big they are all getting. I'll add some to the slideshow below as well. Crazy. The first picture of the slideshow was from our Family pictures last year, and then our trip to Oregon this year, so you can see how big the kids are getting.
  2. Katie is now working at MyGym Layton, as a coach, and preschool prep teacher. She loves it, and does a fantastic job.
  3. I was laid off my previous job, and I am now working for a fantastic company called Software Technology Group, where I get to develop software for all sorts of companies, and consult with them, to help their companies create better software for their business.
  4. We spent a week in Oregon this spring, and that was a lot of fun. One of the pictures below is us on the deck of the beach house with the ocean behind us.

This is just some of the stuff with us. We will try and be better about posting pictures, and other stuff, and keeping the posts up with the times.

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